Progress of E-Governance Projects

Punjab e-governanceKeen on providing the people of Punjab with as many facilities as possible, the Government of Punjab is focusing on making the complete citizen service delivery online across the State of Punjab. The move shall greatly minimize public contacts with various offices, eliminate corruption, and augment efficiency of administration and delivery of services. The online provisioning of citizen centric services has been on cards for quite some time and step by step it is turning into reality.

The government is continuously reviewing the work of backend computerization of various services and progress of all other e-Governance projects. It has come to light that backend digitization under e-District project and online service delivery is on track and 20 high volume citizen services have already been made operational in all 22 districts of the Punjab. Backend workflow is completely automated in these services. All the needed documents are scanned in the Suwidha Centers and are forwarded to the concerned department electronically. This has made the process quite speedy and efficient.

The services include various certificates, pensions’ services, Arms license services etc. The final certificate issued by the concerned department is digitally signed and the digital repositories of all certificates are created for future usage. Currently, the focus is on Backend digitization of all 42 services and is expected to be completed in next few weeks. Under State Service Delivery Gateway project, citizens can apply online to 20 citizen services while sitting at home on Punjab State portal. The portal supports statutory and other fees payment through payment gateway through which the fees for the services can be deposited online. The final certificate is delivered to the citizen via email and through post.

Stress is also being laid on following up for the funds for backend digitization and portal development of 200 more services with Government of India under Digital India scheme. Further, Punjab Wide Area Network (PAWAN) connects 139 directorate offices in Chandigarh and SAS Nagar allowing implementation of projects including e-Office, Integrated Financial Management System, Integrated Workflow Management System. Implementation and proper maintenance of e-Governance projects in the state will further provide the citizens with time bound and hassle free services, making the things much easier for them than ever before.

Just A Click Away – e-Governance In Punjab

E-Governance is a unique initiative in Punjab to connect both urban and rural citizens to the Government and to provide them with better facilities and hassle-free services. Earlier a lot of time and money was wasted by citizens who were unknowingly misguided by agents as they had limited knowledge and access to Government services and actual fee charged. Use of information and communications technologies can radically transform how a Government delivers services to citizens.  According to Parkash Singh Badal, Chief Minister, Punjab, e-Governance is empowering citizens with service delivery in their proximity through Information & Communication Technology.

In India, Punjab is the first state that has the status of e-Sarkar covering all the 47 departments and its 143 branches with Integrated Workflow and Document Management System (IWDMS) to process common tasks online. A number of projects have already been implemented at the District, Tehsil and Sub-Tehsil levels.


Punjab State e-Governance Society functions as a leading body for the execution of e-Governance projects in the State. The e-Governance projects taken up by the State include- SUWIDHA Integrated Citizens Services, Integrated Land Records Management System, Transport Services, Treasury and Accounts Management System, Social Security Management System, Agrinet Punjab etc. To strengthen the vertical and horizontal connectivity within the State, Punjab State-Wide Area Network (PAWAN) is being implemented successfully in the State. Till now, 2112 CSC or Common Service Centers have been set up in the State. Under the project Integrated Land Management System, 47 out of total 156 Tehsils and sub-tehsils have been made live while the trial run is on for others.

Project SUWIDHA punjabProject SUWIDHA (Single User-friendly Window Help Line for Applicants) has been started to assist citizens by providing single-gateway for submission of forms, applications and delivery of various citizen-centric services. The project has been implemented in all the 17 DC Offices and 54 SDM offices of Punjab. Under the SUWIDHA project, all applications and requests for services like Birth & Death Certificate Issuance System (BDCIS), Affidavit Information System (AIS), Passport Applications Acceptance System (WebPASS) and many more can be submitted at a single window. It provides direct linkage with backend applications. The project SUWIDHA has been ranked the topmost project among all the e-Governance projects in the country by Skoch in 2005 – 06. The same project has also received an “Excellence Award” from Microsoft for providing opportune services to the populace.