Project to cure thalssemia patients using goat blood to start in Ludhiana soon

    • Treatment would be available at Govt Ayurvedic Hospital in Model Gram
    • Project in the pipeline; would start soon: Dr. Hemant Kumar

5124de02-de34-4ca4-a385-db872b152d75For curing the Thalassemia patients of the state, the Punjab government would soon start a project in which goat blood would be injected into the patient’s body through the rectum. This project would initially be started at the Government Ayurvedic Hospital situated in Model Gram area of Ludhiana city.

Dr. Hemant Kumar, Incharge, Government Ayurvedic Hospital, Ludhiana, informed that the project is already in pipeline and would start soon. “We have prepared a detailed project report and submitted with our directorate at Chandigarh. We expect that the project would start as soon as it would prove very beneficial for the Thalassemia patients,” he informed.

It is pertinent to mention that this project would be funded jointly by the Punjab government and the Union Government.

Dr. Hemant informed that the treatment is described in Ayurveda as ‘raktabasti’. He said that in this technique of curing the Thalassemia patients, the Goat Blood is injected into a patient’s body through the rectum and it does not let the hemoglobin level in the patient drop. He said that along with injecting the goat blood, the patients are also given tablets to increase immunity, along with “Desi Ghee” made from goat bones.

He further informed that when this treatment starts, the number of times patient needs blood transfusion decreases considerably. He said that the blood transfusion frequency drops to half or even less with the help of this treatment and this further fully cured the patient. This does not let the hemoglobin level in the patient drop, and over a period the need for blood transfusion goes.

This project has been running successfully at some hospitals in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan etc. Dr. Hemant informed that the hospital in Ahmedabad (Gujarat) has been carrying out this treatment since 1984. A team of seven doctors from the Punjab government, including Dr. Hemant Kumar, have already been trained in this programme at a hospital in Gujarat.

Dr. Hemant Kumar informed that the goat blood to be used for this treatment would be procured from the Municipal Corporation Ludhiana slaughterhouse on Hambran Road, and would be used for treatment after getting it tested for any infection by the Veterinary Department.

Dr. Rakesh Sharma, Director, Ayurveda, Punjab, informed that the Punjab Health Systems Corporation is in the process of procuring the equipment required for this treatment.

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