‘Teeyan Teej Diyan’ at its splendid best in Biroke Kalan

Village Biroki Kalan of Mansa was replete with swings decorated with flowers, folk dancers and musicians filling the air with their moves and music, as many as five thousand women in lovely costumes, bangles, parandis, joined in the celebrations, with mehndi applying, charkha and dance competitions adding to the festivities.

Live performance by living legend Gurmeet Bawa, had the audience completely mesmerized with her voice and songs.   For many young men and women here, the occasion was a chance to be re-introduced to the many traditions associated with Teej.

Teej, which welcomes the onset of the monsoon, was traditionally a festive time for women to come back home to their parents, sing, dance, wear beautiful traditional clothes and eat specialties of the monsoon with their family and friends.

The Punjab Arts Council organized this cultural extravaganza ‘Teeyan Teej Diyan’ as part of the unique series ‘Pind Waajan Marda’ (Village Calling). It was an attempt to bring people across Punjab, especially in small towns and villages, on a common platform, and give them a glimpse of our rich customs and traditions.


The series under the dynamic guidance and initiative of the Tourism and Cultural Affairs Minister, Punjab, Mr. Navjot Singh Sidhu has been conceptualized and designed by Satinder Satti, Chairperson of the Punjab Arts Council.

“The idea of organizing this festival is to connect to our roots, as many villages are turning into cities. We need to look back at our rich past and its so many wonderful facets. Our effort is also to bring to the people of cities closer to forgotten folk traditions and give performers a platform to showcase their art all across Punjab,” said Satinder Satti.




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