Punjab State War Heroes Memorial & Museum to be dedicated to The Nation on October 23

Punjab is the sword arm of the country and has been on the invasion route to the heart land of India since, the beginning of the recorded history. It is an amazing reality that the heroic people of this land across gender have never reneged on their duty towards the  Idea of India in terms of living and dying by the military ethos of ‘Naam, Namak, Nishan ‘ (Honour, Integrity, Flag) always and every time there has been a call for duty.

With this in view, Hon’ble Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Parkash Singh Badal decided that there was requirement for a world class memorial-cum-museum to come up at Amritsar, which as is commonly known is battle field associated with wars fought on its sacred soil since the times of Alexander the Great in 326 BCE.

This world class state-of-the-art project costing Rs 130 crore and encompass the entire military history kaleidoscope spanning 2,000 years of history of greater Punjab situated opposite to Sardar Sham Singh Attari Chowk, on Amritsar-Attari road, Amritsar is all set to be dedicated to the nation by Chief Minister of Punjab Sardar Parkash Singh Badal 0n October 23

The project covers the heroism and sacrifices on the sacred soil of Punjab from the days Alexander the Great up to the Kargil War and the ongoing proxy war. It also covers the origins of Miri Piri which evolved at the time of the sixth Guru, Guru Hargobind Singh ji.

The project is named as ‘Punjab State War Heroes Memorial & Museum’ & consist of 45 meters high Sword has been installed in the central vista of the museum having following 8 galleries depicting the sacrifices and heroic deeds from the times of the sixth Guru till Kargil operations:

  • Gallery 1- Orientation and Antiquity.
  • Gallery 2- Guru Hargobind Ji till rise of Sikh Empire.
  • Gallery 3- The Sikh Empire And Anglo-Sikh Wars.
  • Gallery 4- British Rule up to Partition (1846-1947).
  • Gallery 5- J&K Ops 1947-48.
  • Gallery 6- Indo China War 1962.
  • Gallery 7- Indo-Pak Wars (1965-1971) and OP Pawan/OP Cactus.
  • Gallery 8- Kargil War 1999.
  • Arcade.

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