Punjab Tourism offers a unique opportunity for tourists to stay at a farmhouse and experience the traditional Punjabi style of life. As the breadbasket of the sub-continent, Punjab’s fertile land plays central role in nourishing over 1.2 billion people. Now farmers of Punjab are looking beyond traditional farm enterprises to ‘Farm Stays’, an initiative to provide unique experiences to visitors, in association with Punjab Tourism.

farm‘Farm Stays’ are designed to provide an unforgettable escape that completely redefines the entire vacation experience besides acting as a gateway to Punjab’s heartland. Farm Stays are the perfect way to get back to nature and lose yourself in the beauty of Punjab’s picturesque countryside as farm owners themselves are serving as generous hosts as well as knowledgeable tour guides.

The diversity of Punjab’s people and culture is encapsulated in the daily life of its villages. Enjoy a leisurely stroll through the heart of a typical Punjabi village and soak in the atmosphere. Enter the homes and get a firsthand look at the rustic lifestyle of the people. Spend time with local artisans and get hands-on lessons for making authentic handicrafts. Visit skilled potters, lohars (blacksmiths), tarkhans (carpenters) and embroiders and watch them creating some of their exceptional pieces of art.

Learn about crop harvesting and animal husbandry. Stroll through tranquil communities and participate in local games. Meet the local artisans and visit grand temples, mosques and Gurudwaras with village elders. Hop on a tractor and take a ride through the farm’s fertile fields and fill your lungs with fresh air. Relax under the shade of a magical Banyan tree and savour the mouth watering cuisine of a homemade Punjabi feast.

The popular Farm Stay sites approved by Department Of Tourism, Punjab include: Citrus County, nestled close to the Shivalik Foothills, it is a large well appointed villa within Chhauni Farms. It is a sprawling farm stay, with 3 rooms and tented accommodation, in the middle of 75 acres of kinnow plantations. It offers all the creature comforts as well as a taste of authentic Punjabi way of life. It is located just 5 km from Hoshiarpur city.

Casba Farm Retreat Is a farmhouse situated in the midst of a guava orchard. Casba with 8 rooms, offers an experience of rural Punjab, including visits to a village and exposure to agricultural practices, leisure walks through fields and authentic Punjabi food while also providing the traveller with all comforts. It is located just 20 km from Chandigarh.

Then there is Jyani Natural Farm which is a property with six rooms designed like a fort. The USP of this farm is the organic food they serve and the range of activities on offer such as swimming, archery, horse riding, bullock cart ride, tractor ride through the fields, fruit plucking, and cooking and juice/ jam making sessions. This popular Farm Stay is located in Ferozepur district.

Another popular Farm Stay is Bharatgarh Fort, located on a hilltop in the foothills of Shivalik. It is the first fort in Punjab state that was opened for home stays. Bharatgarh Fort has 6 rooms and offers all modern amenities and experiences like walk in the forest, bhangra show, fishing and a day trip to Anandpur Sahib. It is located in Ropar district, around 60 km from Chandigarh.

Other approved destinations include Virsa–The Heritage Farm (Dera Bassi), Mystic Meadowz (Mohali), Sarn Farm House (Gurdaspur), Mand Farm House (Roopnagar), Green Valley Farm (Nawashahar), Aura Vaseela (Dera Bassi),Deep Roots Retreat (Roopnagar), Gary Farms (Patiala), Green Acres Haveli & Retreat (Amritsar),The Kothi Farm (Gurdaspur), and Virasat Haveli (Amritsar).

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