Punjab has taken rapid strides on the front of tapping solar energy as the solar power generation in last three years and it has now entered in next orbit with manifold increase in generation thereby attracting huge investments along with direct and indirect job opportunities. The interesting aspect of this unique growth story is that Punjabi farmers, who are known worldwide for their hard work and adaptability, have also joined hands now to till the Sun after making the country self reliant on food grains front.

P1The solar policy for farmers has been made keeping in view the interests of small/marginal farmers having land holdings on the borders or in the unproductive areas of Malwa and Majha. Farmers owning such land holdings were suffering due to its non productivity, paltry contract value and now feeling happy to become partner in a scheme in which they would get assured regular income for next 25 years with 5% annual increase besides assuring their majority partnership in the project.

Punjab government’s new farmer scheme got tremendous response as against the tendered capacity of 500MW, firm commitments of 629 MW were received. This response is a confirmation of the fact that enterprising farmers of Punjab have opted a novel way of diversification that would be copied by farmers of other states in near future.

Punjab has also successfully organized a first ever Solar Summit in the month of July, 2015 where top solar players including foreign solar giants had participated and were of the view that Punjab has one of the best solar power promotion policy in the country. The most interesting part of successful solar power policy of Punjab was that right from a small farmer having land holding of 4 acre to multinational companies including Adanis, Wellspun, Essel, Azure etc. , they are now equal partners in the Solar revolution being ushered in by tiny state having just 2% geographical area of the country.

Punjab is all set to increase its green power generation from 9 MW to 1550 MW (172 times) in just three years, setting a new national benchmark and farmers are playing active role under the dynamic leadership of New & Renewable Energy Minister Mr. Bikram Singh Majithia, Punjab.

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