Punjab Government simplifies & provides various subsidies to farmers

Punjab government is taking various initiatives to make the life of farmers of the state more prosperous and hassle free. Punjab government has stated that the farmers of the state intending to get the certified seed of wheat on subsidy were only required to fill an application form and submit it to the agriculture department. There would be no need to attach land fard or any other land record with the application. The farmers only need to submit a self-declaration along with the application in the agriculture department. If the farmers are encountering any difficulty in getting the certified seed of wheat then they can contact telephone number 0172-29706022970609(fax) of the agriculture department and lodge a complaint. This number would be operational from 9AM to 5PM.

The state government informed farmers would get the 50% share of the price seed or maximum Rs. 1000/- per quintal subsidy would be transferred directly into their accounts. This subsidy would be given on priority to the farmers holding 2.5 acre of land. In case of left over subsidy, the facility of subsidy would also be extended to the farmers having five acre of land.

Punjab government has also announced that it will provide bumper subsidy to farmers for micro irrigation. It will provide 50% bumper subsidy (maximum Rs. 22000/- per hectare) for laying underground pipes for irrigation to the farmers of the state.

Punjab government has stated that for micro-irrigation (Drip Sprinkler irrigation System) 80% subsidy would be provided and besides this, the tube well connections would be provided by the government on priority basis.Also a further subsidy of 75% would be provided for installing solar pumps and water storage tanks for the purpose of micro-irrigation system to run with solar power. This has been done to ensure farmers take full benefits of the initiatives announced by the state government. www.dswcpunjab.gov.in is the website from where farmers can take various details and also they can contact the District Soil Conservator Officers.

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