Government for ‘State Skill Development Missions’

With focus on state’s development, Punjab Government is now paying attention to skill development in the state. Government has already advocated imparting of technical education and vocational course. However, now the government is supporting ‘State Skill Development Missions’ across the country. These missions will help in better skill development and management across India.

logodteS. Parkash Singh Badal, Punjab CM, has expressed his support for the missions saying that they should be made nodal points for convergence of skilling initiative for optimum utilization and its three tier de-centralization at the state, district and block level.  Also, he advocated the involvement of panchayats, Municipalities and civil society organizations in steps to mobilize skill aspirants. Highlighting the importance of skill impartment, S. Badal said that it was time to give Right to Skill to every youth in the country.

Mobilization of private sector is very necessary for this purpose. Further, country needs opening up of National Skill Development Council and Sector Skill Council Chapters at the state level or the regional level for better co-ordination. The government is taking appropriate steps to begin the development at root level by promoting vocational education at middle school level. Besides, there is need for states to introduce local and traditional skills as part of such courses to make the youth ready for entrepreneurship opportunities available in their region.

Giving training to youth in the fields of healthcare, local trades, crafts as well as agrarian and animal husbandry related occupations can give a major push to skill development. Many states in the country are facing shortage of instructors and trainers and the Chief Minister has said that special focus will also be on creating a pool of efficient trainers. For the purpose, it is being suggested that the Skill Universities should be given the responsibility of making the trainers ready.

Recommendations are being made to achieve the target including earmarking at least half of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds for skill development activities, levying a cess for skill development for creating a non-lapsable pool and thirdly, use of building & construction welfare fund, CAMPA fund, state mineral fund, MPLADS/MLA in skilling.

Data suggests that India needs to provide skill training to 10.9 crore new entrants to the job market and around 46 crore people to be re-skilled and up-skilled by 2020. To make India economic super power, it is necessary that every youth in the nation is trained in certain skill and that he/she proves to be an asset to the country.

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