New Dawn Of Renewable Energy In Punjab

Renewable energy initiatives in Punjab have finally started making a powerful impact in the state’s development. Not only are they using clean energy for the benefit of the masses, but are also paving a new era of eco-friendly development.

Majithia mansa solarIn recent years, Punjab Government has pioneered initiatives to promote solar power generation on a large scale. With a noble and unique aim of making Punjab a clean and green power state, New and Renewable Energy Minister Bikram Singh Majithia recently inaugurated two solar power projects of 2.10 MW and 1 MW at Mirpur Kalan village of the District Mansa. This district will serve as the torch bearer in the mission of ensuring energy to every household of rural Punjab and set an example for others to follow.

The 2.10 MW project has been set up by M/S Alianz Eco Power Private Limited at the cost of Rs. 15.50 crore and the 1 MW Power Project has been set up by M/S Nextgen Power Private Limited at the cost of Rs. 8.00 crore.

And to add to the buzz and excitement regarding these projects, Moserbaer has leased 150 acres of land for setting up a 34 MW Solar Power Project.

The humble beginning of solar power initiatives started three years ago, which has now become a movement covering the entire state. At present, Punjab’s solar power generation is touching 215 MW from mere 9 MW with an investment of more than Rs. 1,500 crore.

It is an outstanding achievement for the state to boost the harnessing of this renewable energy source on a large level. In fact, 23 ground mounted solar projects of 229 MW capacity (Rs. 1600 crore) and 4 solar rooftop projects of 65 MW (Rs. 300 crore) are under implementation in the state.

Mr. Majthia also congratulated Mansa for emerging as Number One District of Punjab in pioneering solar power generation. Currently, the district has four successful solar power projects with joint power generation capacity of 61 MW.

The state’s attempts in harnessing solar power have been recognised by the Government of India as well. In February 2015, Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi awarded the State of Punjab as ‘best performing state in developing efficient Renewable Energy during REINVEST-2015 held in New Delhi.

Recently, Renewable Energy Promotion Association (REPA) also awarded Punjab as the best Bio-Energy State of India with highest installed capacity of rural agro waste based biomass energy conversion projects. To note, the state has excelled with 62.5 MW capacities in biomass power generation.

With all such achievements, the state government is certainly taking the concept of green and clean living to every household. In fact, Punjab has pioneered another concept of encouraging people to produce their own energy by installing rooftop projects. To ensure the same, the state has also implemented the Net Metering Policy 2014.

The government has also joined hands with IDBI Bank to launch a new scheme, ‘Surya Shakti’ for financing independent rooftop projects.

This is a dawn of a great era in Punjab. Under the able leadership of Chief Minister Mr. Prakash Singh Badal and Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Sukhbir Singh Badal, small districts like Bathinda and Mansa which were considered backward few years back, have witnessed investment coming their way. This is a sign of a shining and developing state. Government of Punjab has shown tremendous commitment and initiation in sustainable development. This project is yet another feather in Punjab’s  cap and an appreciable milestone in its journey towards a cleaner and greener Punjab.

6 thoughts on “New Dawn Of Renewable Energy In Punjab

  1. It is very good initiative of hon’ble shri Bikram Singh majithia, that they have started huge solar plant projects in Punjab. But my humble request to revenue minister that they should also form a commission which can hear grievances of common Punjab people, which are harrased by revenue department employees especially by village patwari’s and tehsildhars. Please made independent committee for hearing revenue grievance as SDM are also influenced by tehsildars. Recently I have complained against patwari through Deputy CM special email ie , but it goes unheard. Also I request that SDM email address are absent from Punjab govt portals of Sangrur, please kindly update them.


  2. I am very happy 😊 that Punjab govt liked my comment on “New dawn of renewable energy in Punjab” topic , an initiative by hon’ble Deputy CM and Hon’ble revenue minister Bikram Singh majithia, as it gives feeling that govt is hearing common men and want to share his problem. My humble request to hon’ble Bikram Singh majithia that my complaint registration no ” GOVPB/E/2015/00440″ is lying pending for long time with revenue department, as some govt officers are not hearing my complaint which I have registered through cpgram ie online portal , as it also saves paper and helps in increasing renewable energy. It is very appreciable that Punjab govt has started online portal for almost every department, it is cleaning corruption in Punjab. Please start special online portal for farmers for making complaint against patwari/ tehsildars as they are commonly harrasing farmers.


  3. Revenue complaints are mostly viewed by naib tehsildars and SDM, but they give favour on patwari side mostly, so I request Punjab govt that they make separate cell or add vigilance department in complaints where no farmer have no direct proof of bribe taken by patwari, as vigilance department refuses to hear such complaints. Tehsildars mostly influenced SDM’s because they are interlinked. When farmers are harassed, they cannot think about such renewable energy projects and are unable to participate in these motivated projects , as they are stressed very highly.
    As I am also farmer , my personal experience with revenue department is very bad 👎, because my complaint ” GOVPB/E/2015/00440″ goes unheard.


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