Punjab’s Eye Checkup Campaign For Students

Eye examinations are an important part of health maintenance for everyone, especially for students, as they play an important role in ensuring normal vision development. The Government of Punjab understands this need and has therefore taken up the cause of providing free eye-sight consultation and check-ups to all school going children.

Vision is closely related to the learning process in children. With undetected vision problems, many children face trouble while studying, reading and concentration. This affects their overall performance in academics and other scholastic endeavours. In Punjab, it was noticed that educational performance of students was lowering due to weaker eye-sight. Many times, this problem remained undetected because the students were unable to comprehend and express what ‘normal’ vision looks like. In many of such cases, parents were even unable to bear the cost of spectacles.

With respect to this realisation, the state took up the cause with Union Health Minister Mr. J.P Nadda and secured a special sanction for eye checkup. Under this plan, school children irrespective of economic criterion would be provided spectacles free of cost. To ensure regular follow-ups the state will also maintain a data-bank of such students in central server. This process will also facilitate eye-sight re-checks every 6 months. After re-checks, special provisions have been made in the project to replace the lenses according to the need. Instructions have been given to all the civil surgeons to monitor the progress of this exemplary cause.

During the last six months, the project attracted a great response among school-going children.  Approximately 45,000 students have already received free spectacles in Punjab. This is a great achievement for the state government.

The state knows the value of its future generation and is trying to help them with novel initiatives like this. With this free eye checkup campaign, the Government of Punjab has set a path-breaking example for the rest of the nation to follow.

While helping the children in vision development, the state has set its intentions to support their bright future and give equal treatment to all segments of society.

Eyes are the gift of god and to strengthen the eye-sight of the needy, the state is also extending eye-care to other sections through cataract surgeries. Already, around 2 lakh cataract surgeries have been performed in government and private hospitals.

This is just a beginning to reach a milestone of empowering Punjab with eye-care initiatives.

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