181 Helpline at Your Assistance!

Shreya, a victim of domestic violence in Punjab, strives hard to take a step to save self from the brutal assaults at the hands of her husband. But poor she, who does not even know where to go!

There was not just one Shreya, but hundreds of them, who were being victimised every day. They were being molested by some eve-teasers on roadside, beaten up for the demand of dowry, traumatised for delivering female children or mistreated just because they had a drunkard husband.

We just couldn’t tolerate crime against women in our state and hence, launched 181 Helpline to empower women, senior citizens and children.

Now, if there was a Shreya wanting to free herself from her husband’s assaults had an option to go for, from where she could expect guaranteed help. With high hopes, she now dials 181 Helpline number and shares her story with the caller on the other side and in no time, she is rescued from her house and her husband is sent to police custody.

All thanks to the prompt action of the call centre and police authorities. There have been many success stories of women and senior citizens in Punjab, who’ve been rescued via 181 Helpline, with 80% satisfied complainants.

While there are people who do not feel comfortable to share their concerns with the police officers so, Punjab Government got the helpline work outsourced to a private company, Ziqitza. The company runs a 20-seater call centre for 181 Helpline with a dedicated clinical psychologist as a counsellor to ensure that the aggrieved party is heard patiently and right suggestions are made to resolve their complaints.

181 is a round-the-clock helpline which has multiple contact modes and one can reach out either through phone, SMS, email, fax or web-portal. All calls made to 181 are recorded to ensure quality assistance and discourage misuse.

The best part of this helpline is that complete confidentiality of the complainants is maintained. The customer care executives and police officials dealing with the cases ensure that no information has been leaked out during the process.

As the Government of Punjab wishes to curb crime against women and senior citizens, every complaint to the helpline is bound for timely response and persistent follow-ups are made by case coordinators to ensure complete satisfaction.

While the response rate of 181 Helpline has been good enough, but to further ensure that no laxity is observed in implementation of promised assistance and services, Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal scans the performance of all the Commissioners of Police and SSPs across the state.

So, now if you observe any ill-treatment of women and senior citizens, just dial 181 and raise your voice against the mishappening!

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